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  DNIP.NET is a free domain name service provider. We aim to provide fast, stable and convenient services. Give your computer a name, in order for people to connect to your computer on the internet. An internet name makes connecting to your computer easy.

DNIP.NET support various types of records, A (address), NS (sub nameserver), MX (mail exchanger), TTL (time to live). So you can use it with various activities at your field of a work.

Now anything.DNIP.NET is available to everyone who need a fast and stable dynamic domain name services. Here, you can get free dynamic domain name services. And it will help you to do any project in internet.

Get your Internet Name do the work for you. Give your Internet Name to your customers, friends and associates so they can easily find you. There are also category services that help you doing a quick access to your interest. And you can insert your own domain name into these categories, so that the other people can reach to you from here.

Feel the real dynamic DNS services with DNIP.NET.! It always free for you !


  Jul/12/2003 - 81 port opened. if your ISP using a transparent proxy , use 81 port.
Jul/12/2001 - MS Windows Update tool update to 0.2 (More powerful and support auto update)
Aug/05/2000 - All services are launched.
Aug/05/2000 - Update utility for MS windows 95/98/2000/nt added.
Aug/04/2000 - Now you can use DNIP mailing list. it also supports web archive. (question , request) .
Aug/04/2000 - Search and category services are launched.
Aug/03/2000 - Whois service added.
Aug/03/2000 - Update script added.
Jul/22/2000 - Services are Up. Now, you can signup.
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